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ETNNIC Adventure mountain trike

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The ADVENTURE from ETNNIC is a mountain trike that will allow you to enjoy an experience similar to that of an off-road bike or MTB.

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The ADVENTURE is a mountain trike for the more adventurous, and it has an extra reinforcement at the front to better resist potholes and obstacles that we can find on unpaved terrain. It will allow you to enjoy an experience much closer to that of a mountain bike and you will be able to enjoy terrain such as grass, stone, dirt or even sand.
Our 3-wheel bicycles or trikes are perfect for those who are looking for a bicycle with additional stability and safety to that offered by traditional 2-wheelers.
Thanks to the two front wheels, we will control the width of our tricycle at all times to know where we can pass and where not, something that we could not do with a conventional tricycle with a double rear wheel.
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The frame or chassis of the tricycle is one size fits all, since its geometry allows both the handlebar and the saddle to be adapted to drivers of different heights.
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They have an innovative design and are characterized by the quality of all their components. Product made in Europe.

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Like the other models, the ADVENTURE tricycle can be customized in its different elements, such as the type of electric motorization, brake system, number of gears, frame color and vinyl, etc.

And if you are looking for a more radical experience, we also have the FAT TRIKE, with 4-inch thick wheels to give you extra stability and, of course, a lot of fun!

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