Westrick front and rear wheels 26 x 1 ½"

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Set of front and rear wheels of size 26 x 1 ½" with Westrick chromed steel rims for rod and caliper (mixed) brake bicycles. 

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Genuine front and rear wheels with Westrick type rims for rod brake or caliper brake (mixed) bicycles, size 26 x 1 ½" -  (650 B) - 584 mm. High quality chrome plated steel and welding joints. Manufactured following the same constructive processes and using the same materials as the original wheels of the European classic bicycles, do not accept imitations with other materials or patterns!

The wheels are delivered aligned and flattened, ready mount and ride. They include the following:

Chrome steel wheels with Westrick profile and 36 zinc-plated spokes.
Phillips type hubs: 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter front axle and 5.1/2" (139.7mm) length, 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter rear axle and 6.1/ length 2" (165.1mm), with bearings and nuts.

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