Our 3-wheel bicycles or trikes are perfect for those who are looking for a bicycle with additional stability and safety to that offered by traditional 2-wheelers.

Thanks to the two front wheels, we will control the width of our tricycle at all times to know where we can pass and where not, something that we could not do with a conventional tricycle with a double rear wheel. The frames or chassis are one size fits all, since their geometry allows them to adapt both the handlebar and the saddle to drivers of different heights. 

They have an innovative design and are characterized by the quality of all their components. Product made in Europe. 


Our models adapt to your needs

There are several models for all needs: the Adventure mountain trike, the City trike, the Folding model and also the Cargo trike.

Cargo trike

The CARGO is a tricycle designed both for the company and for the individual.
It's designed to be front-loading, and can be configured for a variety of applications, from taking your kids for a bike ride to transporting packages.trike-cargo.jpg