Paint lining tool

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Paint lining tool for bicycle and motorcycle decoration & restoration.

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This paint lining tool consists of a paint barrel and a serrated wheel on the head. When rotated the wheel picks up and distributes paint evenly by way of precision serrations, regardless of speed of application.

Allows for an even paint line to be applied without variance in thickness or width on most any surface. Use most any creamy consistency paint to obtain excellent results on virtually any surface from metal to cloth, even glass and wood. Flat or curved, smooth and porous surfaces, this tool applies clean paint lines and gives you excellent results with very little practice. Most paint can be used directly from the can if it has a creamy consistency.

 *** NOTE: this is an industrial tool, so have a rough finishing. Therefore, it may have some cosmetic finishing failures as spots, small scratches, etc., but none of them will affect the functionality of the tool at all.***

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